Public Training

To thrive in the globalized business world means to strategize and upgrade continuously. In Universal Training and Consultancy, we envision to equip our clients to be at the forefront of their industries – understanding the business climate and challenges.

Our strategy includes developing both soft and technical skills including problem solving, delegation, motivation, team building, and technical knowledge from various industries including banking, management, marketing, automotive, life sciences/healthcare, legal, oil & gas, logistics, transportation and other engineering-related fields.

In these trainings, we offer different insights, technical know-how and practical industrial applications for our attendees. The real life examples and case studies would enable the attendees to relate and compare. As our public trainings are often open to limited number of people, the attendees will enjoy the chance to getting close-up and personal with our professional trainers for better in-depth discussions and networking.

The public trainings are open to all individuals and/or groups from professionals of all levels. The trainings are conducted over a course of two to five days by our industry experts. Our public training modules are widely regarded as relevant, fun and yet informative. Our attendees are often from reputable and budding firms with a continuous commitment to improve and innovate.