Corrosion control methods

  • August 18 – 20, 2020
  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Doha, Qatar

About the executive workshop

Corrosion is of enormous economic importance – the global cost of corrosion has been estimated to be 10 trillion US dollars (World Corrosion Organization, 2011). Some of this cost is unavoidable, such as costs of painting steel to protect it against corrosion, or the injection of corrosion inhibitors into oil wells to protect the production tubing. However, it is estimated that one quarter to one third of the cost could be avoided by the use of existing technology. Much of this wasted cost is attributable to apparently minor decisions by engineers and technologists that lead to expensive failures. These decisions often result from a lack of awareness of the importance of corrosion, but decisions intended to improve corrosion performance can also lead to expensive problems if they are based on a limited knowledge of corrosion phenomena.

This workshop aims to demonstrate the methods that are available to control corrosion, and to indicate some of the situations that cause the methods to fail.


The objectives of this three-day workshop are:

  • to introduce the methods that are available to control corrosion,
  • to provide examples of when the various methods work,
  • to explain, with practical examples, why they sometimes fail, and
  • to introduce the methods of corrosion management.

Who should attend

The course is aimed primarily at mechanical, civil, chemical and materials engineers who have to make decisions that impact the integrity of structures and components. It should also be of interest to corrosion engineers and technologists wishing to refresh their skills.

2020-8-18 9:00 AM 2020-8-20 5:00 PM Europe/London Corrosion control methods Corrosion control methods Doha, Qatar
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